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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Safari on Android

At last O'Reilly have released a Safari Library app for Android. Trying to get into and around their web site in a mobile browser was often a frustrating experience; this app is a huge improvement, albeit a bit buggy.

I discovered its existence by accident while frustratedly browsing the Safari site in Dolphin. I normally have JavaScript turned off for safety, but because of the way O'Reilly serve up books in Safari, that meant I couldn't see any text. So I enabled it, started reading, then noticed the app mentioned, and promptly went off and installed it.

Later that day I went back into Dolphin for a general browse and I was shocked by how slow web sites had become. Then I remembered JavaScript was still enabled. That made all the difference. Whether the JavaScript was there to "improve" the user experience, or just to serve up annoying ads, the effect on browser speed was significant.

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