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Sunday, 13 November 2011

We welcome our 4000th visitor

Sometime today this blog clocked up its 4000th page view. (Not that I've been checking every day for the last week.) Given that I started The Wrong Side of 50 in June 2009, I'm obviously not setting the internet on fire yet, and over a third of my hits came from the death threat story. Still, I feel I can give myself a gentle pat on the back for sticking at it this long.

And thanks also to everyone who's visited here. From the page stats Google gives me, a lot of you are just trying to find technical fixes, but that's okay, as one of my main reasons for starting this blog was to post knowledge I wished I could find somewhere else.

Speaking of the stats, can anyone explain what happened on October 28? The day before I got 6 visits, the day after a more typical 2. But on the 28th itself there were suddenly 104 visits. And Russia shows up as the most popular source of visitors. (I have a picture of some poor Russian Nexus S owner trying to connect their phone to Windows XP, returning over and over again to my site, trying to make sense of my notes.)

I've averaged a post every couple of weeks, though I have been a bit better in the last couple of months. I shall try to keep up the pace, or even increase it, and maybe I can get to 8000 visits before I hit my 55th birthday.

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