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Monday, 30 August 2010

Georg Pniower

This is just a thought that crossed my mind while I was writing my last post. My mother's father was Georg Bela Pniower, the landscape architect. If anyone's out there doing research on his life, I have some items in my loft that might be of interest to you. Please feel free to contact me.

Here are a couple of photos of him, newly scanned into the digital world. As he died in 1960 and I found these in my family collection, I am assuming that either the copyright has expired or I've inherited it.

Georg Pniower

Georg Pniower and colleagues

The portrait is undated, but the other is dated 24th May 1957. Pniower is third from the left.


  1. Charles -- Do you know if your PNIOWER family has a connection to Breslau or the places in Silesia? I am trying to learn about a PNIOWER family that was living in the town of Krappitz, Upper Silesia in th 1820s. I wonder whether Georg was descended from this family.

    1. Hi, I have just come across this blog whilst researching an Architect who worked with Georg B. Pniower, there is alot of info on the web I was just reading, though it was in German ;-) Incase you never got any further I found some info:

      Georg Pniower was born on 29. April 1896 as the son of a Literature historian and director of the Berlin Märkischen Museums, Otto Siegfried Pniower (1859-1932), who was born in Breslau. He became a gardener and worked from 1911 as a assistent for the State landscape authorities in Trier und Beuthen, he later studied landscaping from 1916 to 1920, with some interuptions in Proskau (Schlesien). (etc)

    2. If you wish to contact me to one option is:

    3. Thank you for that. However, the site is incorrect: Georg Bela Pniower was definitely not the son of Otto Pniower.

  2. Unfortunately, I know very little about the Pniowers before my grandfather's generation, and anyone who would is now dead. Georg had a brother called Peter. According to information I've read on the web, their father was Otto Pniower, a literary historian. However, when I mentioned this to my mother, she'd never heard of him. She thought Georg's father was something to do with the Hungarian wine trade (which might have explained why Georg's middle name was Bela).

    Georg Pniower was half-Jewish, presumably on his father's side as he brought up my mother as a Lutheran. I seem to recall he grew up in Bavaria. I'm afraid I can't recall any other family details.

  3. Charles,
    indeed I am looking for members of the Pniower family. I am not sure that Otto P. is the father of Georg : when Georg was born in Breslau Otto lived and worked in Berlin.1902 in Breslau there was " Pniower,M.Weingroßhandlung".Other people lived there: Max Eduard Pniower*24.1.1883 ,deported 1942 ( too young),Martin P. *18.11.1880( too young)and other members but no " M".May be the Weingroßhandlung is an heritage of Moritz Pniower*16.12.1808 +28.3.1875conducted by his sons, Fritz * 25.10.1878 + ca.1916 WWI, and Max Eduard.
    In a telephone directory of Berlin in 1925 is mentioned: Pniower, Agathe,geb.Rasch,Weingroßhändlerswitwe,W 30,Rosenheimerstr. 19 II, T(elefon)Lzw 7124

    I am interested in the family because I want to install a stone of remembrance for Helene Pniower who married Dr. Bruno Marwitz and was deported 1942.
    May I ask you some informations : birth, death of Ruth,and maiden name, birth of Renate P. , Peter: birth death Please contact me

  4. Dear Mr. Charles Anderson,
    by chance I found your message from 2010. I have researched and published about Georg Pniower for years. He was one of the most important German landscape architects in the first half of the 20th century!
    It would be very interesting for me to get in touch with you. Gladly by e-mail, the address is Greetings from Leipzig/Germany by Peter Fibich